Southern Crafted - Custom & Repurposed Furniture 

Not massed produced in a warehouse, each piece is custom made to your specifications, your space, your pet and your needs. The top to each kennel is unique to each home it will reside in. Custom should mean Custom!!! Each piece ships fully assembled in 4-6 weeks!!! Each kennel is painted or stained to your request. Reclaimed barn wood or distressed pine cover the tops of each kennel, adding its own richness, character and elegance that can not be duplicated. Each custom kennel unique, no two a like. 

Southern Crafted, a family owned business located in Clemmons NC. I specialize in building custom and repurposed furniture. Farm tables, entry tables and more built from salvaged barns found in the rural Yadkin Valley Region of NC. Custom dog kennels built to order from distressed pine. Liquor cabinets made from re-claimed 80 year old hard wood flooring from an abandoned farm house. Entry mirrors repurposed from  an old window. You desire it, I can custom build it for you.



Image of typical barn where my reclaimed barn wood comes from within the Yadkin Valley Region of NC